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TPA - Acetyl Pyrazine 5% PG 15ml

Acetyl Pyrazine 5 PG 15ml taste description: Αt 10.00 ppm.  Roasted, nutty, bready and yeasty, w..


TPA - Apple Pie 15ml

Apple Pie Flavor 15ml Water soluble. A rich, all around great apple pie flavor.     ..


TPA - Banana Nut Bread 15ml

TPA -  Banana Nut Bread 15ml Water soluble. A delicious banana nut flavor   ..


TPA -  Brown Sugar 15ml Available soon

TPA - Brown Sugar 15ml

Brown Sugar Flavor 15ml Water soluble. We have renamed our Brown Sugar Flavor to say just Brow..


TPA - Butterscotch 15ml

Butterscotch Flavor Water soluble. A very nice rich and creamy butterscotch flavor, great on i..


TPA -  Caramel Original 15ml Available soon

TPA - Caramel Original 15ml

TPA -  Caramel Original Flavor 15ml Water soluble. This is original caramel, back by popular r..


TPA -  Creme de Menthe 15ml Available soon

TPA - Creme de Menthe 15ml

TPA -  Creme de Menthe 15ml Water soluble. A fresh, minty and cool taste. ..


TPA -  Dragonfruit 15ml Available soon

TPA - Dragonfruit 15ml

TPA -  Dragonfruit 15ml Water soluble. It is a mellow fruity flavor with tropical accents. ..


TPA - Dulce De Leche 15ml

Dulce De Leche Flavor Water soluble Dulce de Leche means "Milk Sweet" or "Sweet from Milk" in..


TPA -  DX Hazelnut 15ml Available soon

TPA - DX Hazelnut 15ml

DX Hazelnut Flavor 15ml water soluble  This is the same as our Hazelnut Flavor,' but with acet..


TPA - Graham Cracker Clear 15ml

TPA -  Caramel Original Flavor Clear 15ml Water soluble. This graham cracker flavor provides a..


TPA -  Hazelnut Praline 15ml Available soon

TPA - Hazelnut Praline 15ml

TPA -  Hazelnut Praline 15ml A sweet, nutty flavor - candy-like.       ..


TPA -  Kentucky Bourbon 15ml Available soon

TPA - Kentucky Bourbon 15ml

TPA -  Kentucky Bourbon 15ml Water soluble. Very realistic bourbon flavor. ..


TPA -  Peanut Butter 15ml Available soon

TPA - Peanut Butter 15ml

Peanut Butter Flavor 15ml Water soluble. This is a rich and creamy, realistic peanut butter. ..


TPA -  Pear 15ml Available soon

TPA - Pear 15ml

TPA - Pear Flavor 15ml Water soluble. This is a concentrated Pear flavor with a natural taste...


TPA - Ripe Banana 15ml

Ripe Banana Flavor 15ml Partially water soluble - this flavor is not as water soluble as our othe..


TPA - RY4 Double 15ml

TPA -  RY4 Double 15ml Water soluble. This is a very popular tobacco blend with caramel tones...


TPA -  Toasted Almond 15ml Available soon

TPA - Toasted Almond 15ml

TPA -  Toasted Almond 15ml Water soluble.  This is a very 'Toasted' type of almond flavor. Thi..


TPA - Vanillin 10% PG 15ml

Vanillin 10 (PG) 15ml Intensely sweet and very tenacious creamy vanilla odor   ..


TPA - Absinthe II 15ml

TPA - Absinthe II 15ml Water soluble This is a wonderful blend of anise notes that closely res..


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