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After-8 - La Cremoso 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Smoke 10ml

Our best selling classic flavour! Based on our tobacco premium blend mix with a hint of toasted c..


After-8 - Ambrosia 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Ambrosia 10ml

Ambrosia Orange cream, lemon cream, whipped cream, coconut cream, Kahlua cream! Enjoy!!! Our ..


After-8 - Bite me 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Bite me 10ml

Waffle with peanut butter, cream Kahlua, coconut and banana syrup! Add some whipped cream on top ..


After-8 - Bready 10ml Available soon
After-8 - Breakfast 10ml Available soon
After-8 - Creamy strawberry pancakes 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Creamy strawberry pancakes 10ml

Creamy strawberry pancakes Pancakes with maple syrup, chopped ripe strawberry and whipped cream o..


After-8 - Killer Strawberry 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Killer Strawberry 10ml

Killer Strawberry ”Fresh”, sweet and refreshing strawberry flavor with pomegranate and cream i..


After-8 - Lemon strawberry 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Lemon strawberry 10ml

Lemon Strawberry Lemon juice with a strong burst of strawberry flavor and tart! Balanced, sour..


After-8 - Pure 10ml

Mild & smooth tobacco flavor with very little flavor dose. For those who prefer light flavoring i..


After-8 - R-WHY 10ml Available soon

After-8 - R-WHY 10ml

Our special version of one of the most popular e-liquid in the world. A tobacco mix with caramel,..


After-8 - Red ice 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Red ice 10ml

A fruity refreshing juice, strawberry ice cream, pomegranate and vanilla in perfect balance! Fina..


After-8 - Smoke X 10ml

Our best selling classic flavor, now with a touch of our delicious chocolate. Based on our tobacc..


After-8 - Smokey banana 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Smokey banana 10ml

Added on our smokey mix base, a creamy but not too sweet banana aftertaste! Our suggestion is to ..


After-8 - Smokey caramel 10ml Available soon

After-8 - Smokey caramel 10ml

A rich tobacco base aroma, caramel cream and nutty undertones of hazelnut. Our suggestion is to s..


After-8 - The Jack 10ml Available soon

After-8 - The Jack 10ml

Very pleasant and delicious pipe tobacco flavor. In the end, it reveals hints of spicy notes and ..


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