Payments transaction security

Payments transaction security

All payments that are realized with a credit card use are fulfilled via the platform for electronic payments ‘’Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank which uses encryption TLS 1.1 with encryption protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). The encryption is a way of codification the information until it arrives to the certain receiver, which will can decode it with the use of the appropriate key.

Payments that are being realized with the use of PayPal service, are also being secure of absolute safety. Your credit card’s consumer figures are transported safely to PayPal’s page. PayPal uses as a security certificate the technology of encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 bit at least. SSL is widespread around the world and offers encrypted SSL communication 128 bit. For the recognition of an encrypted transaction you will notice to your browser a small yellow padlock and then you will be transferred to a safety page https://. Your computer via the encryption SSL sends your request to PayPal. PayPal sends back to your computer, the security certificate, the confirmation of your visit to the correct page and your public key. Then, your computer uses your public key so as to encrypt the classified information (for example your credit card’s number.) and sends it to PayPal’s server which uses its own personal key to decipher them.

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